Native Shrubs for Year-Round Natural Beauty- With Mark Charles

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2015
to (Eastern Time)

Native shrubs can provide blossoms in Spring, and colorful foliage in the Fall. All year they give pattern and texture, visual interest in the backyard landscape.

In addition, they provide food and habitat for colorful butterflies, songbirds and other creatures.

Learn about easy-to-care-for species that will thrive in your yard. Sources, planing techniques and similar details will be covered.

Prepare now to plant in April and May.

All invited to view photos of witch-hazel, thimbleberry, dogwood and other
native shrubs in nearby backyards, parks and natural areas.
Learn how to add year-round beauty to your yard.
Information about species, sources and planting tips will be provided.

Mark Charles has been growing shrubs in Ann Arbor for more than two decades.

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