Ecological Threats

As Wild Ones mission centers around sound landscape practices using terrestrial native plants, it seems logical that most of our focus and conversation should be around the invasive plants that negatively impact our mission. (ex. Japanese stiltgrass, Autumn Olive, Japanese Knotweed, Tree of Heaven, Oriental Bittersweet). The list of invasive plants is extensive!

But less often discussed among Wild Ones members and just as destructive are insects and animals. Insects and animals can also negatively impact our mission with native plants. (ex. Deer, the Emerald Ash Borer, Beech Leaf Nematode, Jumping Worm, Oak Wilt fungus, and Beech Bark fungus,). And for those of you adjacent to water bodies, you are probably already aware of the dozens of invasive aquatic threats to that environment!

Japanese Stilt Grass– Of critical concern in Washtenaw County
Deer Management – Of special concern in Washtenaw County and SE Michigan

Check out the following links to better understand ALL invasive species threats to Michigan – what to watch for, and who to contact.