Conservation and Botanical Organizations

Legacy Land Conservancy

Legacy’s mission is to secure for current and future generations a land base for nature, agriculture, fresh water and recreation in Washtenaw, Jackson, and Lenawee Counties and beyond. The staff partners to advance the strategic plan, including a goal set in 2008 to protect 25,000 acres of the most important lands in Washtenaw and Jackson Counties. These counties lie at the heart of the “Emerald Arc,” a swath of protected land surrounding the population centers of Southern Michigan. Throughout the Arc are found some of America’s most productive farmland, as well as lakes and rivers that impact water quality in the entire Great Lakes Basin. Working with our partners and with the community, Legacy is committed to ensuring that future generations enjoy the clean water, fresh food, scenic rural heritage, and peaceful recreational opportunities that have characterized Washtenaw and Jackson counties for generations.

Superior Township Chapter of the Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy

Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy’s (SMLC) Superior Township Chapter (STC) is active in ‘Preserving the rural character and natural habitats of Superior Township’. Members of this local chapter gather to enjoy hikes on SMLC’s Superior Township preserves, organize work days for projects such as the Native Plant & Insect Garden at Jack R. Smiley Nature Preserve, and promote SMLC at local fairs and festivals by staffing booths and interacting with the community.

Michigan Nature Conservancy

For decades, TNC in Michigan has worked with the people of this Great Lakes state to protect the rivers, lakes and lands that are its natural heritage. We continue to pursue strategies that will help ensure the vitality of Michigan’s people, places and wildlife for generations to come.

Science matters, especially at this critical turning point for nature. Our work is grounded in science. We’re supporting innovation, leadership, and communication for conservation success.

Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy

Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy (SMLC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and qualified conservation organization dedicated to conserving and managing wildlife habitat in order to foster healthy ecosystems, protect air and water quality, and provide scenic enjoyment. We also work to promote appreciation of the natural world; educate the public about conservation options; and engage communities throughout southeast Michigan in land protection and stewardship activities.

Huron River Watershed Council

HRWC is a nonprofit coalition of residents, businesses, and local governments. HRWC bridges political boundaries by building partnerships between and among communities, community leaders, residents, and commercial enterprises. HRWC monitors the Huron River, its tributaries, lakes, and groundwater, and leads programs on pollution prevention and abatement, wetland and floodplain protection, public education, and natural resource and land-use planning.

Since we were formed, the HRWC has served as a place where local units of government and citizens have discussed problems and sought solutions to critical issues affecting the River. Even though the HRWC has no enforcement powers, we have accomplished our goals through the use of technical data, factual information, and citizen stewardship to influence decisions made by various local and state agencies.

Ecology Center

We believe that the central question of our time is how human beings are going to thrive in the world without destroying the earth’s ability to sustain us. In the face of enormous environmental challenges, virtually all sectors of our society are now scrambling to create solutions, and the Ecology Center plays a critical role in advancing the best models.

To do that, we do the following:

  • We educate consumers to help keep their families healthy and safe.
  • We push corporations to use clean energy, make safe products, and provide healthy food.
  • We provide people with innovative services that promote healthy people and a healthy planet.
  • We work with policymakers to establish laws that protect communities and the environment.