Wild Ones Ann Arbor Chapter

Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes promotes environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration, and establishment of native plant communities.

Ann Arbor Wild Ones (A2WO) is dedicated to educating and advocating for biodiversity throughout the Huron River Valley and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of programs, tours, and special events throughout the year—promoting sustainable landscaping practices using plants native to our region.

Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:45 pm. We assemble at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens from September through April.  We convene at various outdoor locations from May through August. Check the EVENTS column for specific dates, times, and locations.  All meetings are free and open to the public.

Chapter Bylaws


The Ann Arbor chapter was founded on July 2, 1995.  Originally called Michigan Wild Ones, ours was the first Wild Ones chapter in Michigan and the third chapter in the nation.  Four Wild Elders, including Bob Grese and Jeannine Palms, helped bring the notion of native plants and natural landscaping to this area.  They inspired us then and continue to do so. 

Our chapter first served as a nexus for native plant enthusiasts in this area.  We are now happily one of many organizations who share a passion for environmentally friendly gardening and for preserving and restoring our natural landscapes and habitats. We work and play with members of other WO chapters that have grown across Michigan and neighboring Ohio.  We continue to link with The Stewardship Network, Wildflower Association of Michigan, and the Michigan Botanical Club.  Members can become Master Rain Gardeners through the excellent program started by Susan Bryan (our past president) through Washtenaw County.  Review the opportunities for learning and volunteer stewardship.


The Matthaei Botanical Gardens is our home base.  It gives us a free place to meet, shares information about our programs, and offers rich opportunities to learn more about native plants through either classes or volunteering.  The university charges for parking in lieu of an entrance fee for the conservatory and grounds.  On Wednesday evenings the conservatory is open until 8 pm.  Come early to our winter meetings and enjoy strolling from the tropics to the desert.

Parking fee at Matthaei (Daily, 8 am – 8 pm, $2/hr, $5/day).  All money raised from parking goes directly to fund MBG/NA projects.   Become a member and park free.  


Check the Resources section of this website for the various businesses and organizations that provide us with native plants, design our gardens, burn our prairies, and preserve our landscapes.  Our group is also inspired by Douglas Tallamy’s Bringing Nature Home.  Tallamy urges us to go beyond the reshaping of our backyards into refuges for birds, bugs, and butterflies to linking these up with neighboring properties creating corridors of refugia. 


Our extended community is linked by an email server, hosted by the Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN). Its 400+ participants range from native landscape professionals, active volunteers, and members of companion organizations, to people just discovering natural landscapes.  We share ideas, plants, seeds, upcoming Wild Ones events, and more.  Wild Ones members are enrolled automatically.  Non-members can enroll by sending an email request to here.

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If you have questions,  please contact:   [email protected]    

Marta Manildi, President
Loris Damerow, Vice-President
Bob Hauser, Director
Wayne Jones, Treasurer
Meg Delaney, Secretary
Janet Max, Membership Chair, Website Coordinator, Communications Coordinator