Local Native Plant Providers

Wildtype Native Plant & Seed, Ltd

900 N. Every Road
Mason, Michigan 48854
(517) 244-1140
Email: [email protected]

Wildtype exclusively grows plants native to Michigan, from Michigan genotypes. We grow trees, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers and wetland plants typical of Michigan woodlands, wetlands and prairies. It is our objective to propagate nursery stock with enough genetic diversity to create self-sustaining populations.

Shopping during our public sale days will be by appointment only. We instituted the shop-by-appointment sale because of COVID but our customers told us they liked it – mostly because they did not like fighting the crowds that were commonly encountered.

We will open up the scheduling link on this site on April 20. When you arrive at the nursery someone will check you in. Once you are here you may shop as long as you like.

We recommend coming to one of our public sale days when no minimums apply and we are staffed with people to answer questions. Alternatively, retail customers can place orders and schedule a pickup after the last public sale day in spring which is Saturday, May 28.

Ecotypes: prairie, wet-mesic, wetlands, emergent shade, trees & shrubs

New Leaf Native Plant Nursery

Chris and Ellen Oesterling
304 Jarvis Street
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
(734) 330-7175
Email: [email protected]
www.newleafnatives.com/ The New Leaf Native Plant Nursery specializes in Michigan native plants.  It was established at our home in the historic district of Ypsilanti in 2016.  We are located just a block from EMU.  With each subsequent season, we have continued to increase our number of species produced and are currently over 100 (all of which are Michigan natives and great lakes region ecotype). Most of our stock is hand collected from local wild sources. Everything is grown using organic and sustainable practices. Currently, we are busy working our way through a ton of native transplants that should be available in late June- July!

Michiganense Natives

Adam Huttenstine
21734 Taft Road
Northville, MI 48167
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Michiganense Natives

Phenology is the study of periodic events in biological life cycles and how these are influenced by seasonal variations in climate. As native plant growers & conservationists, we should strive not only to satisfy our desire for visual appeal, but also leverage our knowledge & observation of native plant species’ phenology to support the ecosystem we call home year-round. By planting plants that belong, and thoughtfully planning your bloom sequence, you are optimizing your ecological benefit to the piece of land you’re managing!!

Pre-ordered porch pickups only!

Hickory Nut Homestead, LLC

Michael Schofield
5310 Hickory Nut Lane
Dexter, MI 48130
Email: [email protected]

Hickory Nut Homestead, LLC is a small farm and retail nursery located in Dexter, MI. We strive to make native plants easily accessible to the general public, offering a self-serve native plant roadside stand at our homestead, contactless pickup or doorstep delivery of plants ordered through our website, and (soon!) a mobile plant nursery that brings native plants to public and private events.

Ypsilanti Native Plant Nursery

Website: www.ypsilantinativeplantnursery.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/YpsilantiNativePlantNursery

The Ypsilanti Native Plant Nursery offers flowers and grasses indigenous to Washtenaw County, especially plants of the plant communities once typical of the Ypsilanti Township area. Our plants have Ypsilanti, county, state, or matching ecoregion genotypes, and our seed stock is sustainably wild-harvested and provided by regional, state, and ecoregional growers. Bulk orders available.

Feral Flora

Website: www.feral-flora.com

Feral Flora principally grows Michigan-native plants from wild collected seed. Additionally, They offer some ‘nearly native’ plants, as well as Michigan natives that are not Michigan genotype.

Please be mindful that Feral Floral has Public Sales Days at locations throughout Washtenaw County.

Windy Rock Farm Retail Nursery

6750 Sharon Hollow Road
Manchester, MI 48158
Phone: 734.358.8260
Email:[email protected]

Our farm has been slowly growing for over 20 years with the nursery opening in 2016. We initially offered about 20 varieties of flowering trees and shrubs of benefit to honey bees. As our understanding of other pollinators’ needs grew, and in response to customer interest, we added perennial wildflowers and more Michigan native species. We evaluate and add new varieties every year and now offer about 50 varieties of perennial wildflowers and over 25 flowering tree and shrub species of benefit to pollinators. In 2021, we began offering a limited selection of disease-resistant apple trees and late-blooming peach trees. In response to the encouraging customer demand for those, we plan on adding additional apple and peach varieties, as well as pear and sweet cherry trees and blueberry and black raspberry plants in early 2023.