Local Plants

  • Wildtype Native Plant & Seed, Ltd

900 N. Every Road
Mason, Michigan 48854
(517) 244-1140
Email: wildtypeplants@gmail.com

Wildtype exclusively grows plants native to Michigan, from Michigan genotypes. We grow trees, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers and wetland plants typical of Michigan woodlands, wetlands and prairies. It is our objective to propagate nursery stock with enough genetic diversity to create
self-sustaining populations. Therefore, the vast majority of our plants are grown from wild seed stock. This is what we mean when we say our plants are borne to be wild. WILDTYPE also provides ecological design & consulting services for public, commercial and residential projects focusing on restoration and preservation of native landscape. Services offered include: species inventory and site assessment; design and planning; and the establishment and management of native landscape. Please contact us for more information.

Bill Schneider’s article on local genotype is very thought provoking and sobering.  See Restoration in a changing landscape what’s a native plant nursery to do?

Ecoservices: design, consulting, assessment, installation, maintenance
Ecotypes: prairie, wet mesic, wetlands, emergent shade, trees & shrubs

  • Ypsilanti Native Plant Nursery

Website: www.ypsilantinativeplantnursery.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/YpsilantiNativePlantNursery/

The Ypsilanti Native Plant Nursery offers flowers and grasses indigenous to Washtenaw County, especially plants of the plant communities once typical of the Ypsilanti Township area. Our plants have Ypsilanti, county, state, or matching ecoregion genotypes, and our seed stock is sustainably wild-harvested and provided by regional, state, and ecoregional growers. Bulk orders available.

  • The Native Plant Nursery LLC

Greg Vaclavek; Owner, Manager
PO Box 2292
Ann Arbor MI 48106
Email: plants@nativeplant.com

Native Plant Nursery LLC is a small, local business in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We grow only local native species from Michigan seed sources and produce a diverse selection of native perennials and a few species of native trees and shrubs.