STEPS for Kids volunteer action

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Saturday, May 9th, 2015
to (Eastern Time)

STEPS for Kids volunteer action
Planting Shrubs at Montrio Pond at the Pinelake Coop.

(Pinelake is located in Ann Arbor on S Maple Rd between Liberty and Pauline, on the west side of Maple,
and Montrio Pond is as far from Maple Rd as you can get on the property.)

STEPS for Kids volunteers ?will be clearing areas for this summer's planting, as well as planting a few wetland shrubs and trees around the pre-settlement, spring-fed Montrio Pond at the Pinelake Coop.? STEPS for Kids is a nonprofit 501c3 org that offers low income children healthy outdoor activities and teaches them about native plants, among other things.? ?Help out for a few minutes or an hour, as your afternoon allows. This site also has a photo gallery and information on Montrio Pond.

Go to the website and you will see just a pond and a fence and some happy kids helping to develop the garden which helps to filter run off from the parking lots into the pond ?the tallest point in Ann Arbor and, thus, part of the watershed.? This picture was posted years ago.? You should see it (and them) now.? Lush vegetation and bigger kids rapidly being replaced by kids who are novices to this and need enthusiastic teachers for basic spade work, pruning, and planting.? They are terrific fun to be with and sharing your basic skills will go a long way to keeping this project going. ??Diane Macaulay and Deborah van Horn got this all started and will really appreciate some partnership.

Mark your calendars, and we'll send a reminder closer to the time.? The children need enthusiastic role models to help them plant for good and learn to love nature.

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