WildOnes Annual Potluck

This event has ended
Wednesday, November 11th, 2015
to (Eastern Time)

Join us for this end of season celebration of our triumphs (and occasional frustrations) with promoting and growing native plants and natural landscaping. Start assembling pictures of whatever part of this drama you wish to share. Bring a dish of your favorite food and, if you remember, your own plate, bowl, and cutlery. We will also be announcing the recipient of the 2015 Bob Grese Deep Roots Award.

And, don't forget to gather and label seeds from your garden. We will be sharing those at our January 13th meeting. If any of you need particular species, please indicate this to the listserv. We can bring some to the potluck if you know you won?t be available in January.

Also, if you have ideas for programs or garden visits, please let Andrea Matthies know.

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